EZ-IN Shielded Mini-Split 600V Cable
EZ-IN Mini-Split 600V Cable
Southwire Mini-Split Install Frequently Asked Questions
SIMpull Thermostat Wire
Thermostat Wire Plenum-Rated
Thermostat Wire Plenum-Rated Shielded
Southwire HVAC Tools and Liquid Tight Connector Sheet 11-2017
Southwire Conduit Scorer & Cutter
Southwire Rotary BX:MC Cutter

Southwire Wire Stripper
Southwire HVAC Cord & Lighting Merchandising Sheet


Packard TitanMax Brochure 2015
Packard 2017-3-23-TITAN-MAX-FLYER
Packard Titan Pro Flyer v1.3
Packard Titan PRO Sales Kit_v1
Packard Titan HD Sales Flyer_v1.1
Packard Titan HD Sales Kit_v1.5_FINAL
Packard Revcor Fan Blade Replacement Flyer
Packard Revcor Blower Wheel Replacement Flyer
Packard Bristol HCR SERIES Flyer


Clean Comfort Line Card

Smartlock Fitting

Smartlock EZ Fitting Flyer March 2017
Smartlock EZ Fitting – Installation Guides – May 2017

Smartlock EZ Fitting – Pressure Data – May 2017


Friedrich 2017 J Series Ductless Brochure Rev 2
Friedrich 2017 Floating Air Series Ductless Brochure Rev 3
Friedrich Ductless Reference Chart – May 2017
Friedrich 2017 SG Series PTAC Brochure
Friedrich 2017 ZoneAire PTAC Brochure 2017 Rev 1
Friedrich 2017 ZoneAire Accessories
Friedrich 2017 Commercial Kühl Room Air Conditioners Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Retail Kuhl Room Air Conditioners Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Kuhl One Sheet
Friedrich 2017 Kühl Room Air Conditioners Retail POP
Friedrich 2017 Chill Room Air Conditioner Brochure
Friedrich 2017 WallMaster Thru-the-wall Air Conditioners Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Uni-fit Thru-the-wall Air Conditioners Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Dehumidifiers Brochure Rev.1
Friedrich 2017 AP260 Air Purifier Brochure
Friedrich 2017 Hazardgard Brochure ATEX IECEX
Friedrich 2017 Hazardgard Brochure NON ATEX FINAL
Friedrich 2017 Vert-I-Pak Brochure
Wireless Diagnostic Tool DWTST Sell sheet V4
FriedrichLink EMRT1 EMWRT1 Sell Sheet (2-14)


ADP Evaporator Coil Brochure (April 2016)
ADP V Series Evaporator Coil Brochure (Feb 2016)
ADP LA Coil Sales Brochure (April 2012)
ADP Service Coils Brochure (Jan 2017)
ADP B Series Air Handler Brochure (March 2016)
ADP F Series Air Handler Brochure (March 2016)
ADP FSA FOAN Low Profile Unit Heater Brochure (Feb 2016)
ADP SEP HED Unit Heater Brochure (Feb 2016)
ADP Evaporator Coil Comparison Guide

ADP Air Handler Comparison Guide
ADP Control Board Flyer SL-BMX-01
ADP Unit Heater Comparison Guide
ADP Unit Heater Competitor Comparisons 2011
ADP Troubleshooting-Guide-Unit-Heaters
ADP Unit-Heater-Sizing-Guide
ADP Coil Claim Form (Nov 2016)
ADP Replacement Parts Request Form (Nov 2016)
ADP Parts Credit Request Form (Nov 2016)
ADP Return Authorization Form (Nov 2016)
ADP Evaporator Coil Replacement Parts Price Sheet PS-ECP-26 (April 2016)
ADP Air Handler Replacement Parts Price Sheet 3-2015 PS-ARP-21
ADP Unit Heater Replacement Parts Price Sheet 2-2015 PS-UHP-18
Emerson Climate Technologies TXV Technical Document
ADP Credit Application


Rectorseal 2017 Catalog
AC Leak Freeze Pro Flyer
AC Leak Freeze Competitive Comparison FINAL 3-13-17
AC Leak Freeze Sell Sheet
Rectorseal Aspen Xtra Tool Box
Rectorseal Aspen Prefilter Flyer
Rectorseal Slim Duct Kit Flyer
Rectorseal Mighty Bracket Flyer
Rectorseal NoKink Flyer
Rectorseal GasGuard NoVent Sales Brochure
Rectorseal NOVENT Homeowner Trifold
Rectorseal Desolv Full Line Flyer
Rectorseal Desolv Kit Flyer
Rectorseal Desolv Kit Instructions
Rectorseal ACTABS Flyer
Rectorseal Vent Guard Brochure
Rectorseal Vent Guard Spec Sheet
Rectorseal Fortress LDK Product Sheet
Rectorseal AC Leak-Freeze-MSDS

Berry Global

Berry Plastics 1010 Stick to the Code Bulletin 2016
Polyken HVAC Catalog Oct 2017
Polyken HVAC Application Guide 042 12-15
Nashua HVAC Catalog Oct 2017
Nashua HVAC Application Guide 043 12-15
UL Sealed For Approval 012HD 06-15

Cerroset Line Sets
Cerro Ductless White PE Insulated Linesets
Cerro Copper Tubing Packaging
Cerro Copper Tubing US List Price Sheet 10-13-17
Cerro Line Set List Sheet 4-17-13
Cerro Line Set Net Price Calculator 4-17-13
Cerro Suction Line List Price Sheet 4-17-2013
Cerro Mini Split List Price Sheet 4-17-13
Cerro Mini Split Net Price Calculator 4-17-13
Cerro Credit Application


Appion 2017 Catalog
TEZ8 Brochure 2017
Appion PT Gauge Brochure (Nov 2016)

Appion G5Twin-G1Single Brochure (Feb 2016)

Appion ION Gauge Brochure
Appion AV760 Micron Gauge Manual
Appion PT500-PT800 Manual
Appion P800 Pressure Gauge Manual
Appion P500 Pressure Gauge Manual
Appion P300 Pressure Gauge Manual
Appion Warranty Service 2010
Tez8 Flushing Procedure
G5 – Care and Maintenance
G5Twin Manual – 2016
G1 Single Manual
TEZ8 Manual
Tech Bulletin – Gauges and Proper Shutdown
Tech Bulletin – Low Voltage and Extension Cords
Tech Bulletin – Inline Filter Driers
Tech Bulletin – Hazards of Using 80% Tank Shut Off Switches
Tech Bulletin – Preventing Damage to Hose Gaskets and Seals
Tech Bulletin – Non Condensables in Refrigerant Recovery
Tech Bulletin – SAFETY ALERT: Do not Use Refrigerant Recovery Machines for Marijuana Oil Extraction
Appion 2014 Credit Application

System Sensor
System Sensor HVAC Products Brochure 12-15
System Sensor HVAC Overview
System Sensor D4120 Data Sheet
System Sensor DuctSD Data Sheet


Arcat CSI 3-Part Specification Link
Hartell Troubleshooting Guide
Hartell PABX Data Sheet 7-2017
Hartell PlenumPlus Family Brochure
KL-1DG High Temp Low Profile PlenumPlus 11-15
KL-1DG PlenumPlus Low Profile Pump Install Manual
A2-X-1965DV Solid Cast PlenumPlus Spec Sheet 11-15
A2x PlenumPlus Install Manual
A2SA High Temp Commercial Grade Condensate Pump Data Sheet 8-15
A3 A5 High Temp PlenumPlus Model 12-15
A3-A5 PlenumPlus Install Manual
SC-1A Steam-Rated Commercial Grade Condensate Pump Data Sheet 8-15
L4 High Volume Commercial Grade Data Sheet 8-15
LTP-LTS Laundry Trap Waste Water Pump 8-16
LTA Direct Mount Automatic Sink Data Sheet 8-16
Hartell PlenumPlus Specifications
Hartell Wholesale Warranty Statement -2014
Hartell RGA Form – Return to Factory 2014 (pdf version)
Hartell RGA Form – Return to Factory 2014 (excel version)
Hartell RGA Form – Field Scrap 2014 (pdf version)
Hartell RGA Form – Field Scrap 2014 (excel version)

Cooper Instruments

Cooper-Atkins 2017 Industrial Catalog
Cooper-Atkins 2017 NotifEye Sell Sheet
Cooper-Atkins 2016 NotifEye 900MHz Hardware Spec Sheet 67-1590
Cooper-Atkins Notifeye Grower Kit 67-1565
Cooper-Atkins NotifEye 2016 Gen3 Instructions
Notifeye System Features Differences
Cooper NotifEye Support Page and Instructional Videos
Cooper-Aktins 2015 Credit Application Form – Revision 0315

ICM Controls
ICM 2017 HVACR Catalog
ICM 2017 Cross Reference
ICM Power Protection Tri-Fold – May 2016
ICM493 Single Phase Line Monitor : Surge Protector Sell Sheet
ICM493 Application Guide
ICM493 Addendum
ICM517 Surge Protector Sell Sheet
ICM517 Application Guide
ICM Credit Application

Water Source Heat Pump Coaxial Coils Nov 2016
Green Surface Heat Pump Coils Brochure Nov 2016
Ice Machine Coil Brochure Dec 2010
Chiller Coils Brochure Brochure Sept 2004
Water-Cooled Condenser and Heat Pump Coil Selection Procedure
Vibration Hose VAF Brochure Jan 2017
Vibration Absorber Installation Instructions
Heat Exchanger Brochure Nov 2014
Pull-Out Assemblies Brochure Oct 2016
Packless Applications and Glossary of Terms
Packless Credit Application

Panasonic Ventilation
Panasonic 2017 Ventilation Catalog R3
Panasonic Ventilation Fan Cross Reference June 2013

ZSI 2016 Catalog
ZSI HVAC Refrigeration 2015
ZSI Cush-A-Nator 2015
ZSI Cush-A-Therm 2015
ZSI Cush-A-Claw 2015
ZSI Cush-A-Block Rooftop Support 2015
ZSI Snap-A-Saddle 2015


Intermatic (Grasslin)

ICUBE Adaptive Defrost Control Brochure
ICUBE Thermistor Probe Placement
Intermatic Surge Family Brochure Oct – 2016
AG3000 and Compressor Defender Power Protection Duo Brochure

Intermatic HVACR PocketGuide
Intermatic G8000 Defrost Timer Sell Sheet 2013

G8000 Instructions
Grasslin Intermatic DTAV40 2012 Brochure
GM40AV and AVE Sales Bulletin
Paragon to Grasslin Intermatic Stocked Items Cross Reference 5-2012
Paragon to Grasslin Intermatic Complete Cross Reference 2012
Compressor Defender Instruction Sheet
Intermatic Compressor Defender Homeowner Flyer
Intermatic Compressor Defender Homeowner Agreement
AG3000 Surge Protector Sell Sheet
AG3000 Instructions & Connected Equipment Warranty
Grasslin Intermatic Installation Instructions & Manuals
Grasslin Date Code

Intermatic Credit Application 2014-17

Submittals, Technical Bulletins, MSDS Downloads
Armacell Credit Application

Truaire 2017 Residential Products Tri-Fold
Truaire 2017 Commercial Products Tri-Fold
TRUaire 2016 Residential and Commercial Catalog
Truaire 2015 New Products Flyer
Truaire Trifold Brochure
Truaire 3-Way Floor Register Flyer
Smoothglide Flyer
Cross Reference from Hart & Cooley to Truaire
Cross Reference from All Manufacturers
Truaire credit application 7-8-14

Thermaflex Full Line Brochure July 2016
Good Better Best Brochure July 2016
Pro Series Flyer July 2016
Residential Flexvent Trifold Brochure May 2016
Residential Products                Commercial Products
EverClean Spec Sheet                   M-KC Product Brochure
KM Product Brochure                  M-KC Submittal Sheet
KM Submittal Sheet                     M-KE Product and Submittal Sheet
KPE Product Brochure                 G-KM Product Brochure
KPE Submittal Sheet                     G-KM Submittal Sheet
KP Product Brochure                    S-TL Product Brochure                        
KP Submittal Sheet                        S-TL Submittal Sheet
R-KD Product Brochure               S-LD Product Brochure  
R-KD Submittal Sheet                  S-LD Submittal
                                                       S-LP-10 Product Brochure
                                                       S-LP-10 Submittal Sheet
                                                      PHD Sales Brochure
                                                      PHD Submittal


Raychem Pentair Frostguard Sell Sheet
Raychem Pentair Frostguard Data Sheet
Raychem Pentair Frostguard Pipe Freeze Protection Brochure
Raychem Pentair Frostguard Roof & Gutter Deicing Brochure
Raychem Pentair Full Line Product Sales Brochure – August 2015
Raychem Pentair Wintergard Line Card – April 2015
Raychem Pentair Self-Regulating Products Design Guide – Oct 2015
Raychem Pentair Gardian Data Sheet 1-15-15
Raychem Pentair Gardian W51 Installation Manual
Raychem Pentair FreezGard Crankcase Data Sheet
Raychem Pentair FreezGard CrankCase Installation Manual
Raychem Pentair Roof Gutter Deicing Sales Brochure
Nuheat Mesh Floor Heating System
Nuheat Mesh Installation Instructions
Raychem Pentair Roof & Gutter De-icing Sales Brochure – Oct 2015
Raychem Pentair Roof & Gutter De-icing Design Guide – Oct 2015
Raychem Pentair Warranty Policy – July 2015
Raychem Pentair Thermal Credit Application

Boss Products
BOSS HVAC Brochure 5-04-16
BOSS FOAMS Brochure 5-04-16
Boss 334 Data Sheet 052014
Boss Soudal Accumetric QF125 Credit Application 8-11-15


Malco Tools

MSHC Dual Sided Reversible Hex Chuck Driver Catalog Supplement
Malco 4-IN-1 Nut Driver Catalog Supplement

Malco Turboshear Redesign Catalog Supplement SL16501
Malco C5A2 Turbocrimper Catalog Supplement
Malco TSMD Double Cut Turboshear Catalog Supplement
Malco Lightweight Snip Catalog Supplement SL16361
Malco Writable Tape Measure T425W Catalog Supplement SL16368
Malco AVmini Catalog Supplement SL16215
Pex SmartTool and SmartClip
14438 Radiant Htg Tools Brochure – Updated 2013


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